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Family Dentist in Waterbury Has Tips to Choose the Right Toothpaste

May 29, 2018

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man brushing his teethThe foundation to your family’s healthy smiles starts at home with proper oral hygiene habits and the right dental products. In addition to toothbrushes, the toothpastes your loved ones’ use is their first line of defense against preventable issues, like tooth decay and gums disease, but which is best? There are many different types on the market, making it difficult to choose. To make the right choice for your loved ones, your family dentist in Waterbury has some important tips to keep in mind.

Get Your Dream Smile with Your Dentist in Waterbury

May 19, 2018

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry — Tags: — drmarini @ 2:41 pm

woman with attractive smileDo you hate smiling because you do not like the appearance of your teeth? You are not alone. In fact, one-third of adults feel the same way. As much as 28% of people avoid smiling in pictures because of how their teeth look. With the appearance of your teeth directly influencing your confidence, it is easy to feel insecure about the cosmetic flaws. Did you know that you do not have to live with less than perfect teeth? You can get the smile of your dreams with your dentist in Waterbury. Using specialized procedures, you can drastically improve your self-esteem.

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Dentist in Waterbury

April 21, 2018

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welcoming dentistAre you looking for a new dentist in Waterbury? You have a difficult decision to make. There are many excellent options in the area, but which is the right one for you? You have unique oral health needs and specific expectations when it comes to the care you receive. As a result, not all dentists will meet your needs. To ensure that you pick the right one, there are several factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

5 FAQs about Root Canal Therapy in Waterbury

April 11, 2018

Filed under: General Dentistry — Tags: — drmarini @ 4:09 pm

Tooth with a root canalHas your dentist recently recommended that you have root canal therapy in Waterbury? If so, your first thought may be as to whether the procedure is necessary? Let’s face it, it has a bad reputation for being painful, so you do not want to undergo one if you do not have to. While this may have been true in the past, new advancements now make them no worse than a traditional dental filling; however, before you are ready to schedule your appointment, you have several questions. To give you peace of mind to head into your procedure with confidence, here are the answers you need.

Partials vs. Dentures in Waterbury: Which is Right for Me?

March 13, 2018

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — Tags: , — drmarini @ 3:34 pm

Partial dentureAre you ready to stop living with an incomplete smile? If you are ready to replace your missing teeth, you are probably wondering if you need partials or dentures in Waterbury? While they are often considered to be the same, there are clear differences between the two. Your severity of tooth loss will determine which prosthetic will be your best solution to complete your smile.

Are Dental Implants in Waterbury the Right Option for Me?

March 3, 2018

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Model of dental implantDo you miss eating your favorite foods because they have become too difficult to chew because you have lost teeth? If you no longer feel confident about your smile, you can restore your quality of life with dental implants in Waterbury. While you may have tried traditional forms of tooth replacement in the past, like dentures, you did not get the results you had wanted. You are not out of options. You can regain the next best thing to your natural teeth with a predictable and reliable solution.

Dentist in Waterbury Supports a Daily Routine to Maximize Your Oral Health

February 19, 2018

Filed under: General Dentistry — drmarini @ 3:06 pm

woman brushing her teethDid you know that your teeth can last for a lifetime with the right oral hygiene habits and care from your dentist in Waterbury? Your first line of defense to protect your teeth and gums from damage starts with your daily routine. Unfortunately, the average American does not care for their teeth properly. As a result, preventable issues like tooth decay and gum disease develop. To protect your smile over the years, there are several changes you can make to your daily routine for a healthy mouth.

Dentist in Waterbury Explains What You Need to Know about Root Canals

February 10, 2018

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — Tags: — drmarini @ 3:03 pm

Inside of a toothHas your dentist recently recommended that you have root canal therapy? If so, it is natural to be a bit hesitant about the procedure. Not only do they have a bad reputation for being painful, but you may have some questions about the necessity of the treatment. Since it will permanently alter your tooth, it is best to head into the appointment feeling confident about your decision. To help you make the right choice, there are some things you should know about the upcoming procedure with your dentist in Waterbury.

Don’t Underestimate Regular Appointments with Your Dentist in Waterbury

January 28, 2018

Filed under: General Dentistry — Tags: — drmarini @ 4:30 pm

Woman having a dental checkupThe health and appearance of your smile is important to you, which is why you brush and floss your teeth every day. Did you know that regular visits to your dentist in Waterbury are equally as important as your home oral hygiene habits? Although it is often believed that you do not need to see your dentist until after a problem has developed, the American Dental Association recommends that you have a checkup and cleaning every 6 months. Unfortunately, only one-third of adults saw their dentist last year. If you are among those who skipped their preventive appointment, you may want to reconsider delaying the care you need.

Brighten Your Smile This Year with Your Dentist in Waterbury

January 8, 2018

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry — Tags: — drmarini @ 4:24 pm

Before and after teeth whiteningHow often have you found yourself feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth due to discoloration? If the answer is more often than not, you are not alone. In fact, 80% of adults want to reverse the visibility of stains. This year, you can get the results you have always wanted with your dentist in Waterbury. With teeth whitening, you can invest in our confidence with a simple and effective treatment.

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