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A Wine-Lover’s Guide to the Holidays: Keeping your Teeth Merry and Bright

December 28, 2023

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A group of friends with good oral health enjoying holiday wine

Holiday wine is a fine tradition that stretches back centuries. However, in a modern age where aesthetics are important, you may need help keeping your teeth clean and bright. Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to remove stubborn tooth stains and restore your smile to like-new color.

If you’d rather avoid the staining altogether, then continue reading. Below you’ll find dentist-approved tricks to keep your teeth merry and bright.

Why Is Holiday Wine Bad for Your Teeth?

Red wine is a holiday staple for many adults across the world. Its vibrant color and rich, complex taste are celebrated in nearly every country. However, wine in general is highly acidic, and red wine has compounds called tannins that stain your teeth. The alcohol can also cause dry mouth which further complicates dental issues by allowing bacteria to spread more easily.

What Can I Do to Avoid Stains and Damage from Holiday Wine?

The only sure way to prevent the damage of wine consumption is to not drink it. However, if you do wish to imbibe, there are several strategies you can use to reduce the damage and prevent stains.

Sip Water Constantly

Part of why wine stains is because it has time to sit on your teeth. The longer the chromogens (staining chemicals) stay on your enamel, the more potent they become. Keep a glass of water nearby and swish between drinks. This will wash away both acid and pigments.

Use A Straw

Straws are a fantastic hack for drinking anything that could potentially stain your pearly whites. Sipping through a straw draws the liquid away from the front of your mouth where it can cause damage.

Pair with Brie and Fresh Apples

Brie (a type of cheese) and apples are a great combination for keeping your pearly whites stain-free. Cheese forms a protective film over your teeth as you chew, and apples are like nature’s toothbrushes.

Switch to White Wine

While white wine is still bad for your teeth, the paler liquid has less staining power. The staining compounds found in red varieties are completely absent from white wines. However, the acid content is identical, so if you’re eating any dark-pigmented food the stains will remain.

If you love wine and want to indulge for the holidays, it’s perfectly fine. Drink responsibly, and if you’re concerned for your oral health, use these tips. If you find that your teeth are still a little duller than you want, schedule a teeth whitening treatment with your dentist.

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