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Root Canal Therapy is Good News

March 23, 2023

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Root canal on infected toothLet’s face it, root canals have a bad reputation, but much of what you’ve heard probably isn’t true. In fact, if your dentist has recommended a root canal, it’s actually great news. It means your tooth can be saved, and there’s nothing more exciting than avoiding missing teeth. Although you may be a little apprehensive, here’s why root canal therapy can be a perfect solution to preserve your smile.


Why Does My Toothache Hurt More Before Bed?

February 22, 2023

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After a long day of hard work, there’s nothing better than rolling into bed and falling right to sleep. Unfortunately, if you have a toothache, it can be hard to do that. In fact, you may have noticed that your toothache feels worse right before bed.

You might not be imagining it; there are a few reasons why that could be the case. If you’re curious, here are a few things that could explain why your toothache worsens just as you’re falling asleep.


4 Reasons Why There’s Fluoride in Drinking Water

January 6, 2023

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person drinking fluoride in drinking water

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally occurring in soil, water, air, rocks, and plants. It is also added to many dental products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Additionally, fluoride can be found in many public water sources. You may be wondering why this mineral is in your water. Keep reading to learn about four reasons why there is fluoride in your drinking water and how it’s beneficial to your smile.


Popcorn and Oral Health: Can It Harm Your Smile?

December 9, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 4:23 pm
bowl of popcorn

Popcorn is a tasty treat that’s a favorite of many. Whether you like kettle corn, popcorn balls, special seasonings, or just classic salt and butter, this snack is undoubtedly engrained in our culture. That’s especially true when it comes to a night out at the movies or an evening at home watching a flick on your favorite streaming platform. If you’re a big fan of popcorn, you may be disappointed to hear that it doesn’t always affect your smile in the best ways. Continue reading to learn about the negatives of popcorn and oral health.


Dental Implants and Diabetes: Is It Safe?  

December 1, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 6:35 pm
person with diabetes speaking to dentist about dental implants

Dental implants are the tooth replacement option of choice by doctors and patients alike for many reasons. For one, they have a 98% success rate. This means that complications are rare. Dental implants also offer durable, long-lasting, and lifelike results. Even so, not everyone is a great candidate for dental implants. Certain medical conditions may keep this treatment from being the best option for you, including diabetes. Continue reading to learn about the link between implants and diabetes as well as ways to lower your chances of experiencing implant failure. 


Can Cranberries Fight Cavities?

November 14, 2022

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Fresh cranberries in bowlCranberries are a tasty, nutritious treat that is considered a superfood because of their high nutrient and antioxidant content. Research supports their use for lowering the risk of urinary tract infections and preventing certain types of cancer. They can even improve your immune system and decrease blood pressure, but those aren’t the only benefits. Researchers have found a handful of cranberries can safeguard your smile from decay and gum disease.


Do Root Canals Cause Cancer?

October 18, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 12:25 am
patient learning about whether root canals cause cancer

If you have a tooth that is severely infected, antibiotics and waiting for the infection to heal on its own won’t do you any good. The only way to repair an infected tooth is with a root canal. Though this procedure has a success rate of around 95%, there is a ton of misinformation about the treatment that’s spread throughout the years. In fact, some people have even been led to believe that they might develop cancer after undergoing root canal therapy. But do root canals cause cancer, or is this a myth? Read on to learn more about how the procedure works and if it puts you at risk of developing cancer. 


Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction: Which is Best?

October 1, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 7:50 pm
Woman talking to her dentist about tooth pain

Odds are that if you’re googling “root canal vs tooth extraction,” you’re in a fair amount of pain. In that condition, it can be a little bit difficult to make decisions about what’s best for your oral health.

For serious toothaches caused by infected pulp, there are two common options: a root canal and an extraction. Here’s how to decide which one would be best for you.


How Many Oral Bacteria Live in Your Mouth?

September 26, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 1:06 am
dentist talking to patient about oral bacteria

Bacteria are everywhere. They’re in food, in plants, and in different parts of the body. As abundant as they are, many people are unaware that not all bacteria are bad. In fact, you naturally have many kinds of bacteria in your mouth. Some can cause cavities, but some can help keep your body healthy. Read on to learn about how many oral bacteria the average person has in their mouth and how they impact your body and smile.


Can Stained Teeth Be Hereditary? 

September 7, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drmarini @ 5:42 pm
person with stained teeth having them whitened by dentist

Having a stained, discolored smile can make your pearly whites look anything but that. Feeling confident in photos and social situations are made much harder when you feel self-conscious about flashing a smile. There are several things that can cause stained teeth, including certain foods and drinks, medications, and tobacco use. Research shows that there are also some genetic factors that can cause dental discoloration. Read on to learn more about the relationship between genes and having a stained smile.

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